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| Articles | 21st November, 2014

So the lace got me thinking and I remembered I had some fabric used for hat making and thought it might work with lace so here’s  what I did.

WIN_20141113_124127 (3)


  • Lace
  • Fabric (stiff fabrics better to hold shape)
  • Twigs
  • Spray glue
  • Measured square as a template
  • Scissors
  • Pearl headed pins

 Step 1: First I played around with sizes, so I cut out paper squares and made paper pinwheels to see what worked, before cutting up fabric! Once you have your size you can make a template from card.

Step 2:  I cut the hat fabric to size, then cut out the lace to same size. Once your happy with position of lace, take it off spray fabric and then put lace back on top. Leave it to dry. Don’t worry if edges are messy you can tidy them up as you go along and once glue dry it’s doesn’t show through.

WIN_20141113_125224 (3)

Step 3: The best way I found to get the cuts right was to fold the dry fabric in 4 which gives you crease for each square.

You then cut from each corner nearly  to the centre you then fold all the left corners or all the rights into the centre.  Once your happy with position and shape take a pin and put through centre to hold shape. I then put pin through top of twig and bent to the right position.


You can really play around with these.





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